Expected format of the paper and oral presentation

A format and structure of a paper should reflect its category – either research paper, theoretical paper, or a case study. Authors are requested to follow relevant academic standards in this regard. Potential presenters should prepare themselves for an oral presentation of a maximum of 15 minutes. The use of appropriate visual technological aids, such as PowerPoint, is encouraged, but is not a requirement.

Papers should have a clear conceptual basis and meet research methodological standards. Papers can be based on empirical research, or case studies. For single site case studies, an effort should be made to identify the relevance of the findings to other contexts, thereby introducing a comparative international dimension.

All academic papers are welcomed – quantitative, qualitative, case studies, literature reviews, etc. The value-added, goals, research methods, and findings (and their limits) must be explicitly formulated. The oral presentation should focus on research questions and findings and their limits.

When submitting an abstract, authors are requested to follow the proposed structure:

  • Topic
  • Purpose of the envisaged paper
  • Design/methodology/approach applied
  • Main findings
  • Practical implications
  • Originality/value

In general, the abstract of the paper should consist of approximately 400 -500 words and should provide an overview of the objectives/aims; research methodology followed; summary of the focus areas and the main conclusions. The final paper should consist of approximately 6000 – 8000 words.