Faculty of Sciences - Agdal

Created in 1957, the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of Rabat - Agdal is a higher education institution whose aim is to develop teaching and research programs in the legal, political, economic and social fields.

To this respect, it fulfills three fundamental missions: teaching, research, culture and information. As part of its teaching mission, the Faculty ensures the preparation and delivery of several university degrees. Its mission of research and supervision tends to encourage and encourage the reflection of researchers (teachers, students, practitioners, etc.) in the legal, political, administrative, economic and social fields. This mission finds its fulfillment in the writing of license dissertations, internship reports, D.E.S.A dissertations and doctoral theses and in the various publications of the Faculty. Copies of these research works are made available to students and researchers in the Faculty library. As part of its cultural and scientific activities parallel to courses, tutorials and practical work, the Faculty can provide specific training (internships, seminars, study days) and/or organize meetings (round tables, conferences, symposiums, etc. …) at the request of administrations and economic operators.

[1]: Train executives in the legal, political, economic and management fields
[2]: To be a center of training, research and partnership
[3]: Respond to the need for renewal of knowledge and know-how
[4]: Strengthening openness to the economic and social environment

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