The African Local Governments Academy (ALGA), is a department within the organization of UCLG Africa, operating since 2016, under the hierarchy of the Secretary General of UCLG Africa, and the oversight of the Executive Committee of UCLG Africa. It is managed by a director appointed by the Executive Committee of UCLG Africa. The Academy also relies on an Academic Board composed of Representatives of its Anchoring Institutes and Partners.

The strategic vision of the UCLG Africa Academy is to invest in the most valuable asset of Local and Regional Governments, namely their Human Capital, in order to transform the Leadership at the level of these entities, to allow their employees to gain professionalism and to be able to anchor the performance at the local and regional level in the Continent.

Based on the values of UCLG Africa, the Academy Staff pledges to implement and respect the Principles of Effective and Good Governance, the participation, the accountability, the transparency, the diversity, the equal opportunities, the merit, the performance and the quest for Excellence and Quality Assurance.

Our Missions is:
1. To become a Center of Excellence in empowerment, capacity building and training targeting the Human Capital of African Local and Regional Governments;
2. To accredit and certify institutions and training courses targeting the Local and Regional Governments, including Local elected officials and Local Managers/employees;
3. To propose Training Cycles for the Territorial Managers;
4. To contribute to the modernization and upgrading of the Human Resources Management at Local and Regional levels;
5. To structure, professionalize and reinforce the Networks of Territorial Managers of Local Authorities;
6. To set up an e-Learning Platform to invest more in Digital and online training;
7. To promote South-South Cooperation in learning, training, capacity building and knowledge sharing;
8. To design and deploy an innovative training offer;
9. To develop expertise and research on the professions of Local and Regional Governments;
10. To mobilize and secure funding for learning, training, capacity building and knowledge sharing, targeting the Local and Regional Governments

The context of our action and our commitment, aiming at making the Human Capital of the Local Governments as the Strategic lever to achieve the Sustainable development and leave no one, no place behind.

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