Travel to Rabat


  • Morocco's national carrier is Royal Air Maroc (AT) ( .
  • Morocco is also well served by such global airline companies like Air France, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Ittihad, etc...


Rabat-Salé Airport (RBA) is located in the City of Salé, 11 km northeast of the City of Rabat (25 minutes by expressway). Facilities: Duty-free store, bank and exchange office, restaurant, tourist assistance service and car rental. It is served by city taxis and buses.
Casablanca Mohammed V (CMN) in Nouaceur is 30 km (35 minutes by expressway) south of the city. The airport has duty-free shops, ATMs, currency exchanges, restaurants, tourist information kiosks and car rental agencies. It is served by taxis and commuter rail to central Casablanca, with connecting trains to the country's other rail destinations. Between Casablanca and Rabat, we can use the speedy way, or by car (1,50)minutes).
Marrakech - Menara (RAK) is 8.5 km from the city Marrakech (20 minutes drive). The airport has duty-free store, bank and exchange office, restaurant, bar, tourist assistance service and car rental. It is served by city buses and taxis.
Morocco's other international airports include Fez (FEZ) and Tangier (TNG).
Airport taxes are included in the price of the airline ticket.


By plane :

With Casablanca Mohammed V Airport as hub, Royal Air Maroc (AT) ( maintains regular routes between the 12 major Moroccan cities that have airports. These include Rabat-Salé, Agadir, Dakhla, Fez, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Oujda and Tangier.

By train :

  • Morocco's railways are run by the Moroccan National Railways Office (ONCF) (, which maintains regular service with comfortable air-conditioned trains. Ticket prices are very affordable.
  • Centered on the Atlantic Seaboard (Casablanca-Rabat), the rail network services Oujda in the east, Tangiers in the north, and Marrakech in the south.

By road :

  • Morocco's road network consists of all-weather national roads reinforced by an expressway system that connects all main cities, reaching as far as Tangiers, Oujda and Agadir.
  • Inter-city bus service: main cities are served by a variety of both public and privately operated bus companies. The two main companies are CTM (tel: (+212) 522-75-36-77 ;, which covers the entire country, and Supratours (tel: (+212) 537-68-62-97 ;, which services regions beyond the rail network.
  • Taxis: there are two types of taxi service: small taxis (petits taxis) with meters are licensed to operate within city limits. They can be hailed individually or shared with other riders; large taxis (grands taxis), usually Mercedes Benz roadsters or Renault Dacia-Lodgys, are used for suburban runs and inter-city transportation. Most often shared, routes have fixed prices per rider. Large taxis can also be rented for particular runs, but the price must be agreed beforehand, as they do not run-on meters.
  • Car rentals: Both international and Moroccan car rental companies have agencies in major cities. Renting a car can be quite expensive and the minimum legal age to do so is 21.

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